Protocol for work and opening of hotel and food facilities and cafes

The protocol for opening and working of hotel facilities for food determines that the working hours are limited from 08:00 to 22:00, and work is allowed only in the open parts of hotel facilities for food with service, which are open on three sides of the roof construction.

Employees in the hotel facility who will serve are obliged to wear protective masks and wash their hands often, while the number of guests is limited, ie only guests who can sit or people who will receive orders through the counter will be served, ie it is not allowed to serve guests by standing on the counter or standing at tables

The protocol states that it is mandatory to manage the entranceof the guests for whom it is necessary to determine the responsible person.

In the open space for the service of the guests where the tables are located, to provide a distance between the chairs of 1.5 -2 meters with the neighboring tables in all directions, while in a table with four chairs two people maximum can sit and be served, while at a table with four chairs four people can be served if they are from the same family.

The protocol allows a maximum of 12 people at tables joined together by the required distance between each guest of 1.5 meters.

It is mandatory to place a disinfectant on each table, as well as reinforced internal controls of employees to maintain personal hygiene (frequent hand washing) at all stages of preparation, acceptance and food service by the person responsible.

Reinforced sanitary-hygienic measures are required, cleaning of tables with disinfectant which acts on viruses according to the manufacturer’s instructions during guests’ departure from each table , while at the end of the shift it is mandatory to clean and mechanically disinfect with a tool that affects viruses according to the manufacturer’s instructions, alternatively 0.05% sodium hypochlorite (5% bleach for household which is used in a ratio of 1: 100) or 70% alcohol for disinfection of high spaces can be used.

The protocol stipulates that regular maintenance of toilets is mandatory by keeping records of the cleaning and the useof disinfectants.

In toilets, the use of hand dryers is prohibited, while the use of toilet paper for one use is mandatory. At this stage the protocol prohibits the organization of parties (weddings, birthdays, baptisms and so on).