Benefits from Membership
The Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia is a leader and acts towards strengthening the country’s economic climate. It provides access to a wide network of businesses, contacts and business information.

Through its activities, the ECNWM provides its members with opportunities to ensure that their organization is at the center of attention. By sponsorship, your company will be exposed strategically to the addressees.

For more detailed information on the categories and benefits of membership, please read below a portion of the services we provide;

Preparation of registration and permanent membership of potential firms in the geographic area where the North-West Macedonia Chamber of Commerce operates.
Visit companies for the purpose of promoting their business.
Initiate and establish mutual co-operation with the Macedonian Chamber of Commerce.
Develop cooperation in mutual business interest with Chambers of Commerce operating in Macedonia and other regional Chambers and beyond.
Developing cooperation with the Chambers of Commerce of Albania and Kosovo and other business associations.
Increase and develop mutual business cooperation with firms in Albania and Kosovo.
Development of investments between firms from Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo with direct investment in own capital.
Maintaining regular contacts between business and government of Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo and beyond regarding the ECNWM – for legislative improvement in terms of simplification and growth of business development in Macedonia in order to establish a good practice of contacts between business and ethics.
Information on the interest of the economy of Albania and Kosovo for investment in Macedonia and vice versa.
Organization of contacts with the Chambers of Commerce of the Balkan countries, organization of visits of interested businessmen in both directions with all Balkan states.
Developing contacts with the Chambers of Commerce of European, American and Worldwide countries.
Participation of businessmen – members of ECNWM in state delegations in both directions.
Participation of businessmen-members of ECNWM in governmental and state executive forums and institutions in RM regarding economic-financial policy and legal-economic legislation.
Collection and provision of information on organization and participation in: seminars, fairs, business forums and other events in the sphere of the economy.
Information about business legislation and regulation, tender projects, business plan processing.
Complete information on credit lines in the country.
Establishing and advancing high quality products.
ECNWM will engage in active participation in the creation and implementation of economic, regional, infrastructure projects and entrepreneurship development in the country.
ECNWM will insist on obtaining public authorizations such as certificates, certificates, approvals and permits for business facilitation.
Organize business lunch meetings with individual contacts to get the businessmen among themselves to exchange views on existing problems in the practical business operation.
Content and sponsorship of the programs and goals realized by associations in the field of cultural, educational, humanistic and other activities.
Deselect, fill in and print out:  Membership Form”.

Fill out the completed form by e-mail at or by fax at 02/3226 388. By filling in and submitting the form, you formalize your application for membership in ECNWM, then we will identify and send you the invoice, which must be paid on the account turnover:

Halk Bank

Turn account: 270-0598938801-38

ProCredit Bank

Turn account: 380-2771150001-97