About us

About us

ECNWM organizes, advances, protects interests and promotes businesses in the country and abroad, supporting the challenges of global competition.

ECNWM intends to become a leading organization in representing the interests of businesses and creating a suitable development environment.

The values and principles of ECNWM

Equal access



The Assembly of the Chamber is the highest governing body of the Chamber, foreseen by the Statute of the Chamber. The Assembly has 65 representatives (members) who represent cities proportionally according to the number of members in each city:

Skopje – 15 members,
Tetovo – 15 members,
Gostivar – 10 members,
Kumanovo – 10 members,
Kicevo – 4 members,
Struga – 6 members,
Debar – 3 members,
Ohrid – 1 member,
Bitola – 1 member.
Representatives (members) in the Assembly are elected for a term of four years with the possibility of reelection.

Kasam Zendeli – President of the Assembly of ECNWM

Nebi Hoxha – President of ECHNWM
Nagip Fejzi – Vice-President of ECHNWM
Nazmi Ejupi – Vice President of ECHNWM
Mendi Qyra – Vice President of ECHNWM
Members of the Steering Council:
Nuhi Aliu
Agim Qerimi
Fatmir Etemi
Arben Halili
Nuri Memeti
Menderes Kuçi
Merit Ramadani Alimi
Qanije Selimi
Merits Ismail
Salim Hasani
Arif Nuredini
Nijazi Xhumkar
Rexhail Mustafi
Trim Qemali
Members of the Supervisory Board:
Enver Maliqi
Education Papraniku
Adem Abdullahi
Musa Ramani
Sali Jonuzi
Reshat Musliu
Release Mercy