Concern over the security situation in Skopje

19.05.2020 – The Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia expresses deep concern over the security situation in the country, especially in relation to the armed robbery in Saraj, Skopje, which took place last night, where the robbed person suffered a loss of 2 million denars. Considering that we are in a period of the global coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, we emphasize that the peace and life security of citizens, as well as maintaining public order and tranquility, are one of the most important basic conditions that must be guaranteed by the state and state institutions.

For this reason, we ask the institutions responsible for maintaining order to take adequate steps in time to detect criminal cases, as well as armed gangs operating in the country, which will establish a normal flow of work, where citizens will feel and will be safer. On the other hand, the business community will have the opportunity for continuous and regular business leadership and administration, especially now in times of the pandemic, because all businesses are in an unenviable period.

We urge the relevant institutions to take protective measures and actions in accordance with the operational work plans of the and we also want to express our willingness to help build the institutional mechanism to prevent and punish any kind of violence that endangers the work of our members. The Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia in the interest of the business community is committed to strengthening cooperation with state institutions in creating and promoting the right to a safe and healthy work environment. A key issue in this period is the need for businesses to have confidence and to turn to state institutions for help.