At EURONEWS Albania, the Executive Director of the ECNWM, Mr. Drilon Iseni

At EURONEWS Albania, the Executive Director of the ECNWM, Mr. Drilon Iseni, was invited to discuss the losses suffered by businesses in North Macedonia from the case of COVID19 pandemics.

ЕCNWM highly appreciates the cooperation with state institutions and aims to create a stable partnership with them. Based on this, so far the ECNWM has sent letters to the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, proposing real economic measures for the business sector in order to eliminate the damage caused by coronavirus pandemic, which did not leave behind the country’s economy. During this period, a group of the business sector has suffered more losses, while another part smaller losses, but in general all businesses are affected.

“Businesses that have suffered the biggest losses are from the hospitality industry and transport sector as industries directly affected, while retail, pharmacies and IT companies are less affected – indirectly.

The government covers the salary at a gross level of 60%, not 80% as required, also the measures can be called selective, so there are restrictions on who is involved in this subsidy ” – says Mr. Iseni. Therefore, ECNWM will always be presented as a corrector of economic policies undertaken by the state and will always try to create more favorable conditions for doing business in the country.

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