MR. Nebi Hoxha Government measures are more social because of elections

“We are not in a normal situation. If we do not have free circulation of consumers and adapt their measures around the prevention of coronavirus, the economic impact will be great. We think that the measures that governments should take, should be more tangible and more in communication with businesses because in the field the situation is not enviable and we have a lot of complaints from businesses. Just as the pandemic curve falls, that’s how we should have economic growth, so that the companies that have been hit have liquidity “, said Mr. Hoxha for “Euronews Albania”.

He underlines that one of the requirements has been to provide wages for workers in bars and restaurants which have been hit the hardest. The head of the Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia expresses another concern given the fact that the country will hold parliamentary elections very soon.

“We are on the verge of political elections where many measures are more social than economic and we think that the focus of the government should be more in the interest of the business and the economy. The measures are not so stable, we expect that in the future we will have the right path of measures regarding the post-pandemic part “, added Mr. Hoxha.

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