Announcement for working hours during the police regime-Form for the circulation of employees working in shifts

Dear members,

With the new decision for the regime of movement in the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia from Monday to Friday in the time period from 16: 00-05: 00 the next day and in the time period from 16:00 on Friday until 05:00 on Monday, the movement is banned, in order to prevent the expansion of COVID19 and the protection of the population in the Republic of North Macedonia. Due to the need for continuous maintenance of the work process, employers must fill out the new form for the movement of their workers andthis permit will apply only to persons on whose behalf the form has been granted.

We also remind you that shift and night work must be submitted to the State Labor Inspectorate.

Attached you will find the new form of the permit form, which we emphasize should be placed in the company’s memorandum and signed by the responsible person in the company.