The Club of Industrial Manufacturers and the damages suffered from pandemic

Within the Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia exist and operate 10 different groups which contain a wide chain of member companies, the purpose of which is to create policies and a favorable climate for doing business, always considering their interests and needs.

In order to realize the purpose of  ECNWM, which is the support of the business sector, a meeting was held today with the Club of Industrial Manufacturers of  ECNWM in order to discuss about the damages suffered as a result of pandemic COVID19, the difficulties that manufacturers face now and how much they are using the Government’s economic measures.

This stage of pandemic has brought various difficulties for all sectors, but with mutual cooperation and addressing the issues in the relevant bodies, the situation will gradually return to normal.

The Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia organizes, advances, protects interests and promotes businesses at home and abroad, alongside the challenges of global competition and aims to become a leading organization in representing business interests and creating a conducive environment for development.