ECNWM presents the 4-year platform for economic development, in focus is the workforce, the increase of the minimum wage to 30,000 denars and the reduction of contributions to 32% from the net salary

The President of ECNWM Mr. Qyra, together with members of the leadership of the Chamber, held a meeting with representatives of the Democratic Union for Integration political party, Mr. Bujar Osmani, Mr. Fatmir Besimi and Mr. Kreshnik Bekteshi, in which the Platform for economic development of North Macedonia was presented, a strategic platform of ECNWM which the future government will have to implement.

Among other things, the Economic Manifesto for accelerated development was presented, which as a document envisages reforms, but also the vision of where the economy and our country should be in general, in the next 10 years.

President Qyra also emphasized the problem of the workforce, a problem which ECNWM convincingly characterizes as an alarming phenomenon for our country, and that measures should be urgently taken to stop the migration of the youth from the country, expressing the Chamber’s request for an increase in the minimum wage and reduction of contributions, since we are not competitive with the countries of the region. He presented the concept of ECNWM for reducing contributions and increasing the minimum wage, as a precondition for improving the standard of living of citizens, which also combats migration as a phenomenon that has taken hold.

The Executive Director Mr. Zekiri spoke as well, where he expressed ECNWM’s concerns regarding the workforce, namely the drawbacks of the country’s system, where the Employment Service Agency of the RNM must be reconstructed as a concept, because over 100,000 active job seekers cannot fulfill the need of the private sector for 20,000 employees. He added that this is a relevant indicator of how many misuses occur in our country, while the same causes great losses to the economy and the state treasury.

Various issues were also discussed, such as the green economic zones, the zone of Vizbegovo and their transformation into areas of national interest, taxes, customs rates, VAT refunds, the Fund for innovation and technological development, investments, etc.

The Ministers undertook that our requests will be discussed and placed on their 4-year platform, meanwhile, Minister Bekteshi, in front of the media, emphasized the noble initiatives of ECNWM which aim to improve the lives of citizens even though these initiatives will fall on the shoulders of businesses.

ECNWM continues its tradition of compiling macroeconomic policies, while now the same are accepted by the relevant political factors in the country.

We remind that, the ECNWM Platform for economic development foresees 9 chapters of different sectors, where each of them deals with problems or provides contemporary solutions to promote a fast and competitive economy.