Cooperation between ECNWM and Universities to fight the labor shortage in the country

Skopje, 28.03.2024 – At the round table “Education for employment” organized by “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje, representatives of academia and the business community met to discuss finding solutions to the challenges facing our economy, including labor migration problems and measures to improve coordination between higher education and the labor market.

President Qyra emphasized that ECNWM has taken measures to address the problem of young people leaving the country and the lack of labor force, creating a platform, which will strategically contribute to the selection of the labor force problem. Mr. Qyra noted that ECNWM has asked the next Government to raise the minimum salary to 30,000 denars, and to reduce contributions to 32% of the net salary, in order to be more competitive in the market and not lose the battle with the countries of the region.

With a shortage of about 25,000 vacancies in North Macedonia and 100,000 people looking for work, it is time for a more efficient approach to this challenge by insisting on vocational education to adapt to the needs of the labor market.

The Rector of the University, Izet Zeqiri, presented to the students the profiles of the current requirements of the labor market, offering a clear overview of the opportunities and needs of the market.

President Qyra called for measures to be taken together with educational and governmental institutions, the Employment Service Agency of the Republic of North Macedonia, and all relevant factors in order to stop this phenomenon and create a new perspective for young people to see their future in our country.