What is stopping large infrastructure projects

In the part of infrastructure projects, the focus was more on Corridor 10 than on Pan-European Corridor 8, which modernized the infrastructural connection with countries that have a large trade deficit, neglecting infrastructure projects that give us access to the Adriatic Sea and countries that have a positive trade balance.

Our economy has not used the potential that comes from neighboring countries, precisely because of this approach. Not only in the part towards Bulgaria, but also towards Kosovo with which the trade exchange is in our favor. But we are not yet connected to the highway because that project has been neglected for many years.

On the other hand, Kosovo has a super modern highway up to the Blace border crossing. Due to the situation with Covid-19, with the new rebalance we have a reduction of capital expenditures for about 70 million euros, which will be even more difficult to realize capital investments and potentially there will be a delay for the same “said for Dojce vele from the Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia.

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