The leadership of the ECNWM in a meeting with the Minister of Economy and Labor: Discussing the current economic challenges in the country and the measures that should be taken for economic growth and development

02.07.2024, Skopje – President Qyra, together with the leadership of ECNWM and the Executive Director, held a meeting with the newly appointed Minister of Economy and Labor, Mr. Besar Durmishi.

In this meeting, new measures and policies were discussed for economic development and improving the climate of doing business in the country. The purpose of the meeting was to strengthen cooperation and identify common challenges.

President Qyra raised concerns about the price freeze, expressing that this measure severely damaged the private sector and appealed that the same should not be repeated. He also emphasized that the Solidarity Tax Law discouraged companies from investing and developing further, and that the same caused long-term consequences for companies that were forced to pay large amounts.

The Executive Director of ECNWM Mr. Durim Zeqiri said that the Chamber is ready for partnership with all the relevant factors of the economy and that the same should capitalize the Chamber as an institution, consulting on current problems, but also potential ones in RNM.

The Minister of Economy and Labor emphasized that the two institutions in undertook share a common interest in the development of the private sector, and that their cooperation will include all important economic parameters, including not only trade exchange, but also cooperation in all phases of drafting laws, programs, strategic documents and so on.

The meeting ended with a joint commitment to continue consultations and work towards improving the economic climate in the country, focusing on the sustainable development of companies and creating an equal environment for all businesses.