Service Desk

Business Services

ECNWM will be improving the continuous daily support provided to more than 1,800 companies in Macedonia, related to members of Small and Medium Companies and non-members companies. Service Desk will help members first find business opportunities in the Macedonian market, as well as in the Albanian and Kosovo market, by creating meetings with stakeholders and by organizing company visits. Therefore, this improved activity is directly related to the previous new services provided to micro and small (member) companies. ECNWM has engaged consultancy to review the current mode of operation of the Chamber for providing information to companies and to determine a work area for the new service, with the compilation roles and responsibilities, procedures and scope. Also, consultancy provided and staff guidance to deal with the “Customer Service Desk” to inform customers about the new corporate governance features. The Service Desk’s focus will provide various information on the challenges facing enterprises, B2B meetings, and information gathering for the purpose of advocacy and lobbying.