Mobilization of funds

Our expertise includes preparation of applications for applications for funds in the country and abroad, from domestic and foreign sources of funding. Special focus of our consultants are resources from the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) with the component for rural development  (IPARD), other programs of the European Union (EU), The United States of America (USA), other bilateral donors, international financial institutions etc.  

We work with our members from the beginning until the end of producing a quality application, while including internal and external consultants.

Strategic planning and advice

In the part for strategic planning and advice, we possess the top internal and external consultants with practical experience in support of strategic directions of the client. 

In accordance with our members’ needs, we define the strategic directions, through analysis and creation of a strategic plan in accordance with the field of action. On request of the member, we define action plans for operationalization of the strategic plan.

Strategic planning is not simply creating a strategic plan, but requires long-term analysis, assessment and operation. Therefore, our consultants are in constant communication with the members finding tailor-made solutions and adjusting to the needs of the client ant any given time.

Management of activities

At the request of our members, we provide support in the execution of the company’s activities. The services can be in the area of project and program management as well as realization of direct activities. 

We provide direct support of the client’s management in bringing investment decisions, financial planning, applying for external funds, revision. Also, we provide support in the management of human resources.

Trainings and consultations

ECNWM’s team, together with external trainers, possesses enormous experience in creating modules and delivering trainings. The trainings are defined specifically for every client, in areas like definition of vision and mission, strategy, management of project cycle, general and financial management, mobilization of funds, preparation of calls for proposals, team building, management of human resources, facilitation of cross-sector partnerships and following politics etc. The approach of all the trainers is tailor-made. Every training is different from the previous, with inclusion of new and contemporary knowledge and approaches. In this way, participants in the training gain directions for independent gaining of knowledge which they will they implement in the organizations or their private life.   

Research and analysis

For our members we organize preparation of quality analysis and reports in different fields of work. Our consultants have experience in developing analysis for creating and evaluation of politics. They have proven experience in the developing of quality external current or final evaluations for conducted projects and programs, while implementing the principle of independence and objectivity.      

We provide consultations for management with achievements in order for the client or donor is assured that the set goals are being achieved effectively and efficiently. Our consultants are focused on the achievements of the organization and of the employees as well. 


Our strong suit is good collaboration with all the different sectors. Precisely because of this, the internal and external consultants are included in the facilitation of events, in order to provide participatory decision-making, which is of interest to the stakeholders.

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