Patenting and the protection of industrial property rights

PATENT is a set of exclusive rights granted by the state to the patent owner (inventor or holder) for a specified period in exchange for regulated disclosure of certain details of the invention that may be a device, process, method or composition which is new, possessing innovative contribution and usable or industrially applicable.

ECNWM offers services in the field of protection of patents in the following segments:

  • Composing and editing of patent specifications for inventions in all fields of technology (pharmacy, mechanical engineering, chemistry, electrical engineering and others).
  • Registration of national patents in all countries in the region.
  • International registration of patents: Filing of PCT applications
  • Representation before the EPO: Leading procedures for the recognition of European patent before the EPO
  • Validation of European patents before all national offices.
  • Extension of European patents before the countires/joining members of the EPO.
  • Professional translation of patent specifications from and into Macedonian, English, German, Albanian, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Romanian,
  • reek, Russian and French.
  • Edition of patent specifications in accordance with the national legislations of the states, and preparation of responses to oppositions and objections while being xanimated.
  • Annuities: Maintenance of patents.
  • TCM: Procedures for issuing a supplementary certificate for extension of validity of patents.
  • Licenses: Preparation and registration of license agreements for the use of patents.
  • Estimates: Value evaluation of Patents and inventions.
  • Transfer of rights.

TRADEMARK is a right of industrial property, which refers to a distinctive sign used by a person, organization or legal entities for marking on their products and/or services to consumers, and to distinguish their products from those of other entities.

[Conducting administrative proceedings]

  • Search in the national and international databases;
  • Registration of trademarks in all countries in the region;
  • International Registration of Trademarks;
  • Monitoring on the market and official publications;
  • Advisory services relating to the protection of trademarks;
  • Oppositions, filing and responding;
  • Provisional refusals, responding and filling proposals;
  • Cancellations;
  • Procedures to changes in the registers (transmission contracts, change of name and address);
  • Licenses: Preparation and registration of license agreements for the use of trademarks.
  • Advisory services relating to the protection of trademarks;
  • Estimates: value evaluation of trademarks.

INDUSTRIAL DESIGN is a right of industrial property, which refers to a specific appearance or shape of a body, picture, drawing, contours, composition of colors, texture or combination of them in a way that meets the requirements of novelty and individual character compared to those ones previously familiar to the public. Industrial design is a right that is intended to give the products that are aimed for a certain visual, aesthetic, ergonomic, practical purpose or quality to distinguish them from the rest of the products on the market.


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