Clusters of ECNWM


  1. Cluster for Agriculture and Rural Development;
  2. Cluster of Flour Producers;
  3. Cluster of Wood Processors and Furniture Manufacturers;
  4. Cluster of Construction;
  5. Cluster of Tourism and Hospitality;
  6. Cluster of Women Entrepreneurs;
  7. Cluster of Media;
  8. Cluster of Diary and Meat Producers;
  9. Cluster of Information Technologies;
  10. Cluster of Distributors of Consumer Goods;
  11. Cluster of Retail;
  12. Cluster of Manufacturers of Metal;
  13. Cluster of Legal, Financial and Consultancy Services;
  14. Cluster for Environmental Protection and Spatial Planning;
  15. Cluster of producers from the chemical industry;
  16. Cluster of poultry producers (egg producers).
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