Executive office

Drilon Iseni – Executive Director

Holds a Master Degree in International and European Law from the University of Amsterdam. He has 10 years of professional experience as a consultant, researcher and legal expert in the CSO and governmental sector as well as the business community. He has been engaged in the implementation of many projects and the management of human resources. He has participated in national and regional trainings. His areas of interest are: the development of the portfolio of the Chamber’s services, networking with various missions including diplomatic ones in the country, project management and human resources. He joined the ECNWM in November, 2015 and was responsible for managing the operational aspects, human resources, mobilizing resources for activities and projects, as well as maintaining contacts with institutions, diplomatic missions and the membership. From July 2017 is appointed as Executive Director of ECNWM.

Currently he manages ECNWM’s Executive Office and the departments of the chamber; implements the decisions of the Chamber’s bodies; coordinates the process of preparing and implementing projects, planning activities and the budget of the Executive Office; implements the activities planned within the annual plan of the Chamber; represents the Chamber in the absence of the President and Vice-Presidents and holds the responsibility for the efficient and effective implementation of the activities. He fulfills his tasks in accordance with the authorities foreseen in the Statute of the chamber and is responsible to the chamber’s Steering Committee.

Contact: executive@oemvp.org


1Milaim Ameti – Financial Manager

Graduated in Economics at the University “St. Cyril and Methodius”. He has four years of professional experience in ECNWM, where he has started as an intern in July 2012, while his job engagement began in November of the same year. He has been working as an assistant in the preparation of different catalogs, in the design and implementation of the selection methodologies of the “TOP 100” event; has organized various meetings of interest to the business community and finally has ended up in the position of Financial Manager initially in the project “3 ES – Education, Employment and Equality for Women of Ethnic Communities”, and later in the project “Protection of Products’ Brands from the Cross-Border Cooperation”. His professional interest  relates to macro economic analysis, monitoring of local and regional economic policies and research in the business world. His current responsibilities in ECNWM consist of dealing with financial management, project coordination and liaison contacts between institutions and membership.



1Fatima Bejtullai Vela – Public Relations Officer

Graduated in Communication Sciences at the South East European University. She has experience in providing customer support and leading the marketing and commercialization programs in telecommunications. She joined ECNWM in April 2012. She holds the position of Public Relations Officer and has been engaged as Project Manager in the project “3 Es – Education, Employment and Equality for Women of Ethnic Communities”. Her fields of interest are: public relations, logistics and project management. Currently, in ECNWM she is responsible for developing and implementing strategy for public relations, developing relationships with business journalists, organizing press conferences, events, fairs, trainings, presentations, etc., as well as maintaining the website of ECNWM.



Mersim Memedi – Research and Development Assistant

Graduated from the University of “Ss. Cyril and Methodius ” in Skopje, Faculty of Economics, E-Business Department. He is engaged as an assistant in the project “Partnership for better business regulation” funded by USAID.  Also, his engagement in ECNWM is related with research and analysis in several areas that are defined as strategic goals of ECNWM: improving access to finance by integrating different innovative forms of funding , also his professional interest is linked to macroeconomic analysis as well as analysis of domestic and international policies.


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