Business Performance

Photo of hands of businesspeople during discussing

Considering the needs of the membership to get first-hand and accurate information on the performance of existing or potential clients, the Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia launches a new service to its portfolio – Business Performance.

With this service, ECNWM provides access to business information, which is included in the electronic platform updated on a daily basis –Business Network, which actually represents the biggest database for legal entities (companies) in the country and thus it enables access to all active business entities in the Republic of Macedonia.

Upon your request, we provide you complete information on current or past situation of companies in the country (from 2006 onwards). So, if you seek new partners for doing business, you are interested in the networking companies, you need accurate information and the latest information on the work of clients / your partners, you want to know how it leaked the business of concrete companies on the past, you need financial statements for your business partners or data of affiliates of your clients, than you can freely contact us and get your answer in a very short period of time.

Business Performance service consists of some special package services. In principle, any required package has a certain financial cost. However, for the members of ECNWM exists substantial discount of 20-50% depending on the service package.

Now, faster and more accurately than ever you can get information on any company which for various reasons may be in focus of your attention.

All you need to do is contact us at our e-mail address or phone number: o2 / 3239-252 and to notify us of information that you need.

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