Capacity building of ECNWM


Increasing the reputation and credibility of ECNWM among permanent and potential members and the public.


– Increased membership of ECNWM in 2011 by 40% compared to 2008;

– ECHNWM is one of the leading business associations in the Republic of Macedonia.

The goal of the project is to help increasing the number and quality of services provided by the chamber, which will result in an increased reputation of the chamber in the wider public, and especially with companies.


– Increased number of services provided by ECNWM in 2001 compared to 2008;

– Number of initiatives for legal and other changes in which ECNWM is involved by the Government;

– Increased number of SMEs who see the chamber as an institution that protects their interests and joins membership.

Target group, target area and location
The target group ofthe Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia are current and future members. The target area is the northwest part of Macedonia.

Expected results
By implementing this three-year project, which includes activities directly derived from the Strategic Plan of the Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia, as well as from the Assessment of capacities of ECNWM made in 2007, the following results are expected to be achieved:

– Enhanced credibility and reputation of ECNWM as an important factor representing the business community in Macedonia;

– Increased and improved portfolio of services;

– Affirmation of the activities carried out by the chamber, affirmation of the companies members of the ECNWM and thus it is expected to attract new members to the chamber.

Time period June 2008 – June 2011

The project is supported by MRFP

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