ECNWM attended a conference at Mother Teresa University

ECNWM attended a conference at Mother Teresa University

13 June 2018 – The Executive Director of ECNWM, Drilon Iseni today attended a conference held at Mother Teresa University in Skopje, attended by Mr. Aziz Pollozhani, prof. Oliver Schmidt and prof. Georg Braseur of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and Mr. Trimchev of the Macedonian Chamber of Commerce, as well as many other members and students. During this conference were presented the relation of professional studies with the country’s economy and enterprises, seeing cooperation between educational institutions and business organizations as primary for the development of the economy.

Witnessing the non-compliance of supply and demand in the professional market, ECNWM has made a step forward with what created the CREATE hub, within which we give young people the opportunity to highlight their ideas and be trained by professional managers, to cooperate with successful companies.

ECNWM on its economic platform foresees that the government should provide funds for promoting innovation and entrepreneurship that will boost economic growth and will also have an impact on the country’s economic development. On the other hand, universities need to cooperate with businesses and form a curriculum that will give positive results in creating professional cadres. This strategy, consisting of a practical program, concrete initiatives could lead to a prosperous Macedonia.

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