ECNWM continued with the Roadshow meetings

ECNWM continued with the Roadshow meetings

 01 June 2018 –   ECNWM continued with the Roadshow meetings and this week visited member companies in Skopje and Tetovo. During the meeting were presented new services of the Chamber and the innovations that will serve as a place where all the demands of the companies will be addressed in relation to the administration, governance and legislative framework of the country. In order to enable straightforward communication, open and concrete of any entrepreneur with the government, so that we can be of assistance to any business when faced with arbitrary or administrative obstacles, we have created  a Chamber Desk which will be in service 24/7.

During the discussion some entrepreneurs stated that the formalization of entrepreneurship and the fight against informality were the solution of their problematic situation and expressed their cooperation in the activities of the Chamber.

At this meeting, the executive Director of the Chamber, Drilon Iseni showed the great interest of ECNWM to help businesses, which have a major role in the country’s economy. The meeting also revealed the possibilities of cooperation.

In business meetings, it was necessary to deepen cooperation with the Chamber in order to change the processes for the good of business in our country.

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