Request for Proposal for Consulting Services to the benefit of the Youth Empowerment and Employment Generation Project

Dear potential bidders,


The Economic Chamber of North West Macedonia ( with its seat in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia has been selected as the organisation for the conduct of a study on the youth empowerment and employment generation project financed by the EU. This project involves further the conduct of capacity building workshops with the stakeholders of the Region and also 6 training seminars with the youth freshly graduated from secondary education and from the university (Summer 2013) or recently graduated (last two years) but not yet capable of finding employment.


The purpose of the project is to empower an initial group of about 150 young people in the Region of North West Macedonia with its centre in Debar, in order to have better position in the labour market regionally, cross border or even in the EU. Given the fact that most of the population of the Region of Debar has chronically left the area and migrated to other larger cities, but also to EU and in particular to Germany, we invite consulting companies with this Request for Proposal for services targeted to a successful implementation of the project ( It is of paramount importance to us that while Macedonia makes best efforts to access the EU, its youth gets an overview of Western European working experience and that their training is conducted in line with the needs of the labour markets in the EU.   


Further information on the project is given overleaf. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions or for any additional information.

 We are looking forward receiving proposals and thank you for our interest in our project.


Yours sincerely,


Gramoz Shabani

Project manager of YEEG project

Economic Chamber of North West Macedonia / OEMVP

St. Dimitria Chupovski 13, MK-1000, Skopje

Tel: 02/3239-252 ; Fax: 02/3226-388

E-mail: ; Web:

A. Project Contents


A full description of the project has been given in Annex 1 of these RFP. The consulting services requested have been summarised as follows:


  1. Preparation and participation in the study for the verification of the status quo of the employment and education trends in Western Macedonia in the past and in the present including interpretation of the data and preparation of the action plan on their basis. (Until End June 2013)
  2. Preparation of the concept for the workshops with the stakeholders and the press conferences and participation at these workshops as key speaker. (Until End June 2013)
  3. Preparation of the concept of six training seminars for the youth in accordance with the project and the running of the seminars for the client and participation at these workshops as one of the key speakers. (Until End August 2013/Participation until End December 2013)
  4. Preparation of the concept and participation in the labour fair for the mobilization of all available capacities for the generation of employment in accordance with the project. (Until End October 2013)
  5. Participation and preparation of the concept for the labour generating template (web page) as well as preparation of the concept for the press conference on the finalization of the project. (Until End October 2013/Participation to be notified by Service Provider))
  6. Preparation of the main templates for the sorting of the data for the web page and input in the preparation of the database with the list of extended companies on both sides of the border as well as in the German diaspora for a full exposure of the project, aiming at increasing the visibility of the project. (Until End December 2013)
  7. Hand over all documentation (as per request) 31 January 2013
  8. Stand-by for further clarification until 15 March 2014


B. Duration:


The project spans a period of 12 months starting from 1st June 2013 – 31 May 2014. Total volume of work has been calculated at about 2 and half months.

 C. Key Requirements

  1. Experience in similar projects with special focus on communication and management
  2. Experience in conceptualisation of workshops with stakeholders in EU candidate countries
  3. Experience in conceptualisation of seminars with young people aiming at being placed in the labour market
  4. Experience with labour fairs or similar events
  5. Experience with diaspora organisations especially those from the South Eastern Balkan countries, ideally former Yugoslav Republics / FYRO Macedonia.
  6. Language of the Project is English, Albanian and Macedonian Knowledge of Macedonian or Albanian is an advantage. 
  7. The key project consultant should have at least 10 years experience in communication, human resource or management sectors.  CV of key staff should be included in the Proposal.


D. Key Contractual Terms:

The successful consultant is expected to send the proposal until 20.05.2013. OEMVP may at its sole discretion decide to amend, modify or cancel the proceedings. The lowest bid shall win.


Please find attached the Request for Proposal and Annex 1 – Project Description.


For more information please contact at



This project is funded by the European Union




Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia SPRINT Foundation Institute PREDA  ANTTARC


This document has been produced with financial assistance of the Europian Union. The contents of this document are the sole responsibility of Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia and can no under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union.