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        In the light of expansion, development and promotion of private business in our region, was reasonable and appropriate that economic potential to organize in an union form. Today in civilized  and economically advanced world, exist various forms of business organizations, from economic associations to the Chamber of Commerce, industrial and commercial. With an initiative of a group of entrepreneurs in February 2005 was founded Economic Chamber of North – West Macedonia, and in June was officially registered.

        Our economic potential should be organized in such a form. From this union will be able to benefit all enterprises in the form of affirmation  that want to join us. Should be noted that the organization of this subject is positive for this part of Macedonia. ECNWM has to serve for the preservation of economic values, to represent the business of North-West Macedonia worthy at home and abroad, should be included on other structures in the country and outside, to provide relevant information about domestic and foreign markets and  to link our business with European businesses, United States and beyond.

        Market research, contacts, mediation in differential cases, participation in fairs, regional and European, will also be one of the primary commitments of ECNWM. Promotion of cross-border cooperation with Greece, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia and Montenegro, Bulgaria and Turkey will be another priority using the legal possibilities that Macedonia has signed with the regional countries about free trade.

        Here we should mention another reason for the necessity of establishment of this entity. We are witness of the 2001 conflict in Macedonia. Since the conflict of 2001 till today, the North – West part of Macedonia  suffers from a bad image and climate, in the inner circle as well as external ones. In Macedonia, unfortunately there is no significant foreign investment, while in the North – West part of the country is even more than vulnerable situation in terms of investment and establishment of joint investment in the form of joint venture's. ECNWM has to serve and try to change the negative image of this region of the country and to prepare legal information space and investment potential. In a word, the business of these sides with ECNWM has an address which hopes to be fruitful for all.

      Principles of organization of ECNWM will be territorial and professional, we will have regional councils in the regions and other factions according to their occupations and more specialized activities. The largest number of businesses in North-West Macedonia are medium and small. Among the most significant activities are:

1. Construction and engineering
2. Commerce from all areas
3. Manufacturer of furniture, doors and windows
4. Producers of dairy products, cheese,
5. Manufacturer of meat
6. Manufacturer of metal products
7. Manufacturer of flour and bread
8. Tourism
9. Transportation
10. Poultry farms and other poultry, egg production
11. Manufacturer of construction materials, etc..

All these businesses follow contemporary standards of quality as HASAP, ISO etc..


ECNWM organization intends to become a leader in representing the interests of businesses and creating of appropriate environment for development.


ECNWM makes organizing, promoting and protecting the business interests at home and abroad, alongside the challenges of global competition.










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