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Benefits of Membership

Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia is a leader and works towards strengthening the country’s economic climate. It provides access to an extensive network of business contacts and business information.

Through diverse activities, ECNWM offers its members the opportunity to promote themselves by ensuring that their organization is in the spotlight. Through sponsorship, your company will be strategically exposed to the addressed ones.

For more detailed information on membership categories and benefits, please read below about some of the services we offer:

  1. Preparation of permanent membership and registration of potential firms operating within the same geographical area of operation of the Economic Chamber of North – West Macedonia.
  2. Visits of firms in order to promote their business.
  3. Initiation and establishment of mutual cooperation with the Economic Chamber of Macedonia.
  4. Development of cooperation, which is in the mutual interest of the business and the chambers of commerce operating in Macedonia or other regional chambers.
  5. Development of cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of Albania and Kosovo and other business associations.
  6. Growth and development of mutual business cooperation with firms in Albania and Kosovo.
  7. Development of investments within firms from Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo with the direct investment of the own capital.
  8. Maintaining regular contacts between the business and governments in Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo and elsewhere related to ECNWM – for legislative improvement towards the simplification and growth of business development in Macedonia, in order to establish good practice of contacts between business and ethics.
  9. Important information regarding the economy of Albania and Kosovo for investments in the Republic of Macedonia and vice versa.
  10. Organizing contacts with the Balkan Chambers of Commerce, organizing visits of businessmen interested in both directions with all Balkan states.
  11. Developing contacts with chambers of commerce in the European countries, the US and worldwide.
  12. Participation of businessmen, who are members of ECNWM, in state delegations in both directions.
  13. The participation of businessmen, who are members of ECNWM, in forums and executive government and state institutions of R.M that are related to the economic and financial policy and judicial-economic legislation.
  14. Collecting and providing information about the organization and participation in seminars, fairs, business forums and other events from the field of economy.
  15. Informing regarding business legislation and regulation, tender projects, elaboration of business plans.
  16. Complete information on credit lines in the country.
  17. Establishment and advancement of high quality products.
  18. ECNWM will be committed to active participation in the creation and implementation of economic and regional policy, infrastructure projects and the development of entrepreneurship in the country.
  19. ECNWM will insist to take public authorities such as certificates, consents and different licenses in order to facilitate business.
  20. Organization of working lunch meetings, so that individual businessmen get in touch with each other and exchange opinions on the existing problems in the practical operation of the business.
  21. Sponsorship of programs, which associations in the field of cultural activities, education and humanism implement.

Download, fill in and print the Application form“.

Send the completed form by e-mail at or fax number 02/3226 388. By completing and sending the form, you make official your application for membership at ECNWM. Then, we register and send you the detailed bill, which has to be paid to the following bank account:

Halk Bank

Bank account: 270-0598938801-38

The membership in ECNWM costs only 6200.00 den (100 EUR) per year and it is at the beginning of the year.

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