Protect Marks of CBC Products


protect_marks1-300x115   The main idea behind the project is to raise the awareness of the companies from the region about the need for industrial protection as a possibility to resist ruthless global competition. Therefore the action has two goals: first to raise the awareness of companies on the need for industrial protection in their long term work and second protection of the product with a Certification Trademark with geographic name of area that characterizes the product with a quality and features pertinent to the geographic area.  These two goals are closely related both to the global objective and to the specific objectives of the Program on economic development of the CBC area through Promotion and branding of regional product services.

The Economic Chamber of North West Macedonia in partnership with the State Office of Industrial Property of the Republic of Macedonia and the General Directorate of Patents and Trademarks of the Republic of Albania are responsible for the implementation of the project “Protect marks of CBC products”, funded by European Union.

The project will be implemented in the Macedonia and Albania.


The overall objective of this Action is contribution to  increased competitiveness of cross-border businesses through promotion and protection of trademarks and patents in Macedonia and Albania; Increasing awareness among different stakeholders (businesses, customs, students, inhabitants) on a issues of protection of trademarks and patents as well the benefits which can occur form them, will be aimed to be achieved through this project.

The specific objective of this Action is Protection of local trademarks and patents of businesses in the cross-border (CB) area. The indicators for achieving this objective are: supported entrepreneurs and SMEs in Polog and Southwest region in Macedonia ad Korca-Dibra region in Albania.


Target group of the project will be:

  • entrepreneurs, micro, small, medium and large size companies from the cross-border program area
  • governmental institutions such as, various inspections which are related to industrial property, courts, costumes from both side of cross border program area
  • local authorities that should give support to the geographic mark on the products from the region
  • high school students and university students – create a culture of respect of industrial property and promotion of products with geographic origin                                                
 The expected results from the implementation of the Action are:


1. Established platform for promotion of trademark and patent protection in CB area;

2. Increased understanding of trademark and patent regulations in the CB area;

3. Promoted trademark and patent protection in the CB area.

Activities which are planned to be undertaken under this project are:

1. Inception meeting between chambers of commerce and authorities on trademark protection;

2 Establishment of trademark protection info point within chambers of commerce in CB area;

3 Organization of info sessions for businesses on trademark and patent protection;

4. Analysis on existing brands and trademarks in the CB area;

5. Training on trademark and patent protection for businesses in the CB area;

6. Preparation of booklet on protection of trademark and brands for cross-border businesses;

7. Launched media campaign for promotion of trademark and patent protection in the CB area;

8. Organization of conference for protection of trademark and patents;

9. Design of interactive web portal for information to businesses on trademark and patent protection;


Project duration is 18 months.

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