President Hoxha part of the Scientific Conference of SUT – Tetovo

President Hoxha part of the Scientific Conference of SUT – Tetovo

“Environmental factors, the challenges of economic development” is the topic of the Third International Scientific Conference which began its work today at the State University of Tetovo. This conference was organized by the two faculties nearby SUT, respectively Faculty of Economics and the Business Administration Faculty.

The conference was opened by the Rector of the State University of Tetovo, Ph.D . Vullnet Ameti, who pointed out that the large number of scientific researchers of  economic fields in this conference demonstrates the seriousness and the need to organize meetings at this level. He also expressed gratitude to the speakers and discussants at the conference, which according to him will give a clearer picture about the overall economic development.

Today, the majority of countries are facing economic recession and the realization of their projections, and therefore economic expertise should take their role in overcoming the crisis in the country and the region, to prevent social problems and conflicts. Economic analysis, is the current  issue for our region and beyond, but this topic is even more special for societies in transition who aim the Euro-Atlantic integration and the development of contemporary global trends. We believe that this conference, which brought together about 100 participants, academics, teachers, staff researchers and professionals in the economic field, through ideas and scientific opinions, will give its contribution to more favorable economic  policies”, said among other things SUT Rector, Ph.D Vullnet Ameti.

At the opening ceremony of the conference his word  had the  Minister of Economy of the Republic of Macedonia, Bekim Neziri, who on his own behalf and the Ministry of Economy expressed satisfaction for the opportunity given to exchange views and opinions about the insurance growth noting that in recent years thanks to the Rector of SUT, Ph.D Vullnet Ameti  in this institution are made big changes which can afford to this institution to be ranked in the world lists with the most renowned universities.

The President of the Economic Chamber of North  West Macedonia, Nebi Hoxha noted that this conference addresses a common topic having in mind the circumstances in which the businesses are working in Macedonia.

”As a supporter and promoter of business values, the Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia, in cooperation with relevant stakeholders and of course in constant consultation with businesses offers  tools to help their business ideas to breathe more freely and be promoted. In this spirit, the State University of Tetovo, as well as other institutions have been called for cooperation in creating healthy economic development policies ” – noted Nebi Hoxha.

The Dean of the Faculty of Economics of the SUT, Ph.D  Raman Ismaili stressed that the debates and controversies of the participants of this conference, will be the reasons of the conclusions and recommendations that will enrich economic theories of organization and the same will apply in practices related to economic activities.

 The contribution of the staff of  the Faculty of Economics today was  crowned with the next edition of the scientific magazine ”ECONOMIC VISION”. This international magazine presents a summary of  scientific publications with high quality and the management staff is so dedicated as soon as possible to make the magazine a member of the family of contemporary international magazines” – said Ph.D Raman Ismaili.

As Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, Ph.D Naser Raimi said that the  joint organization of this conference by two of our faculties shows the seriousness and the dedication of our university to science.

”This joint conference organized by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Faculty proves once again the commitment of the current leadership to improve quality and the commitment to scientific research. In this conference will be addressed various topics and will be  provided conclusions on the economic situation, not only in the country but in the region and beyond”said Ph.D Naser Raimi.

Apart from the academic staff of SUT, this conference was attended by university rectors, scientists from the country and the region, representatives of the Ministry of Economy, representatives of the Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia, representatives of the business community, analysts of economic issues, as well as professors and students of the Faculty of Economics.

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