President Hoxha on the 10th anniversary of the Organization of employees

President Hoxha on the 10th anniversary of the Organization of employees

The Organization of employees in Macedonia today marked its 10th anniversary, since its establishment and on this occasion was organized a discussion on the topic “The participation of the state in the economic system of the Republic of Macedonia”.

The President of OEM, Angel Dimitrov, emphasized that as the largest organization and the only of its kind, which represents the employers in the country, OEM will continue with new energy to promote and represent the interests of its members through social dialogue with the Government and employee’s unions. Founded in 2005, it is a separate body from the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, the organization throughout this period works on advancing the rights of workers, fair treatment and the creation of legislation and the relevant acts that promote better generations in the country. In the celebration of the anniversary and the discussion on this occasion present was the President of the Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia, Nebi Hoxha who noted that the state intervention should be minor in some economic sectors and greater in many others. State participation should be more pronounced in sectors where market mechanisms are showing inefficient allocation of the resources. Other participants in the discussion of academic and business sector, regarded this topic as a very essential one in the creation of an efficient economic sector.

The Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia sends very warm congratulations to  this organization, which for all these years has given extraordinary contribution in creating economic and social policies for the development of the country.

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