UKA Komerc – winner of Quality award

UKA Komerc – winner of Quality award

The member company of the ECNWM, UKA Komerc from Saraj, Skopje continues to win prestigious international awards. Its last award comes from Vienna, Austria – THE INTERNATIONAL DIAMOND PRIZE FOR EXCELLENCE IN QUALITY VIENNA 2015, given by the European association for research and quality.

This is not the first time for this company to win international awards. It is worth to make an emphasis that in 2013 UKA Komerc won two prizes: “Century International Gold Quality Era Award – GENEVA” and “Golden Award for Quality&Business Prestige – Rome”.

This year UKA Komerc was presented by Adem Abazi, CEO of UKA Komerc and Metush Abazi, Manager. Adem Abazi said that these prizes are very important for them because they speak for the professionalism UKA Komerc implements in its work.

‘This is an additional motive for us to increase the quality of our products more and more. These prizes come from Europe and this means that UKA Komerc products will soon be present in the European market.

ECNWM congratulates the  company for their professionalism, dedication and the high quality products offered.


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