ECNWM organised the Iftar dinner

ECNWM organised the Iftar dinner

06 June 2018 – Turned to tradition, “Iftar dinner” organized by the Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia was held last night at Hotel New Star in Skopje.

This traditional table for years has been gathering business community annually, invited by state institutions, relevant partners, and important figures of public life in the country.

Speaking of the values ​​that Ramadan’s holy month and fasting represent during this month, President  Nebi Hoxha stressed that this is a period of reflection and dedication for the values ​​of humanity, solidarity, peace and tolerance.

” Ramadan’s holy month is an economical cycle in itself because in this month people increase consumer spending, give aid to the poor, which shows a greater turnover for our economy and everywhere. Of course, to achieve the levels of progress we are aiming for, we need to have tolerance, peace and harmony among them without distinguishing them from religion, nation, political party belonging to the other. These are the lessons taught by Islam, which in essence means peace, “said President Hoxha, adding that only in this way united in this iftar and with mutual understanding and trust in one another we can change the economic situation in the country and keep our youth in the country.

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia Zoran Zaev also welcomed the words that through such activities, ECNWM contributes to getting closer and better acquainted between the personalities of public life and the business community.

Also present were the Speaker of the Parliament of Macedonia, Talat Xhaferi, ministers, ambassadors, mayors, numerous figures from public and political life in the country, as well as representatives from the business community.

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