Deputy Prime Minister Angjushev met businesses from the Polog region

Deputy Prime Minister Angjushev met businesses from the Polog region

07 May 2018 – Over 50 business representatives from the Polog region met today at South East European University with Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Kocho Angjushev. During this meeting, the problems listed by businessmen for which future government solutions are expected form a long list, including equitable regional development, government transparency, elimination of subjectivity in business support, other facilities that would be in favor of potential businesses and investors, as well as special measures for companies coming from rural areas and women entrepreneurship.

The present businesses also had the opportunity to discuss about the measures of the Third Pillar from the Program for Economic Growth for financial support of micro, small and medium companies. Taking into account the business interest, ECNWM will continue to support all country development policy initiatives, and in particular business support measures.

The government should act in the direction of creating a private sector development strategy, greater productivity, greater number of employment, improving the business climate and enabling its growth and development – said Nebi Hoxha, President of ECNWM and encouraged companies to use government measures for supporting businesses.

Deputy Prime Minister Angjushev asked business representatives to articulate their requests in more concrete form through the Chamber, so that the Government takes into account the challenges they face and is open to criticism and suggestions from the business community, to create better economic policies.

We are contacting businesses in order to see where we stand with the organization of small and medium-sized businesses, what we should take as a government, and what we are seeing is that our development perspective is in these businesses, small and medium enterprises and full utilization of the natural and human resources that we have – said Deputy Prime Minister Angjushev.

Deputy Prime Minister Angjushev also stated that the customs terminal in Jazhince will be opened for a short time, taking into account the fact that he will personally engage in this direction and that the Skopje-Bllaca road will be a priority of the Government in the coming period.

The country’s economy should be export-oriented and our companies towards the new markets. Precisely through the measures provided by the Law on Financial Support for Investment, we will support companies’ investment projects for technological development, investments in education and training, in a professional and competent staff that will be well paid. Through the implementation of the Law and Program to support the Small and Medium Enterprises of the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development, the competition of companies will increase and conditions will be provided for faster development of the economy, GDP growth and local new jobs – emphasized Deputy Prime Minister Angjushev.

During the day Deputy Prime Minister Angjushev met a meeting with the member company of the Chamber from the Tetovo region “Pofix”.

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