Economic Forum: Macedonian Economy between vision and dilemma

Economic Forum: Macedonian Economy between vision and dilemma

28 March 2018 – Today in Skopje was held the economic forum on topic “Macedonian Economy between vision and dilemma – challenges of economic policies.

The aim of this forum is to foster the economic debate about the main challenges of economic policies in the country. During this forum was discussed on two panels, the panel of economic and strategic priorities and the panel of challenges and opportunities for the business sector. Through formal discussion were answered different issues related the production and competition of companies, how to connect domestic companies with the foreign ones, challenges and opportunities of business sector, as well as the role of banking sector for supporting the development of business sector.

The president of Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia in this forum showed the attitude of the chamber about the economic policies of the government by supporting all the incentives for developing policies of the country especially measures for supporting investments, emphasizing the equal regional development.

“We want to be included in the public discussion over the economic policies of the government, to stimulate debates over the measures brought by the government. We are the ones that support the economic development of the country” – said President Hoxha.

In this forum participated the Prime minister for economic issues Koco Angjushev, the Minoster of Finance Dragan Tevdovski, representatives of international institutions and other representatives from business sector.

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