Debate on defining priorities for economic development in Macedonia

Debate on defining priorities for economic development in Macedonia

04 April 2018 – The President of Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia, Nebi Hoxha today participated in the debate organized by State University of Tetovo on topic “Determining the priorities of economic developments in the Republic of Macedonia”. This debate was attended by university professors, experts in the field of economy, representatives of the Ministry of Economy, representatives of economic enterprises, representatives of the banking sector, businessmen and students.

The President of the Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia, Nebi Hoxha, said that in terms of defining the priorities for economic development, in our country, besides many of our requests and proposals, such as business and economic experts from universities, to define priorities for growth and economic development, we have not managed yet to have any medium-term and long-term strategic document for such a thing. “This process can also start with a transfusion in order to generate products that have the most value and technology in manufacturing processes. The pillar of this transformation will be innovation and capacity building of enterprises, and a fuller network of related industries to benefit from synergies, green technology, sustainable production and diversification of the export and import market”, said Nebi Hoxha, President of Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia.

Dean of the Faculty of Economics, prof. Dr. Raman Ismaili said that this topic is quite complex and multidimensional by its very nature, given the fact that in many aspects Republic of Macedonia is still at a crossroads, not only because of the external challenges faced by the state as well as due to problems and difficulties in the internal plan. According to him, these problems, in addition to the political dimension, largely encapsulate the economic dimension as one of the basic areas of guaranteeing the functionality of a contemporary democracy.

Among other things, it was stated that this debate aims creating an academic and scientific platform that will be available with all its academic and intellectual capacity to find and provide the appropriate and applicable alternatives to efficiently channel and measures for economic development in terms of stimulating a more intensive economic and overall social development in general.

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