Opportunity do not happen, we create them!

Opportunity do not happen, we create them!

26 November 2017 – Yesterday in Prishtina, the Albanian Diaspora Network, in cooperation with the project EMPOWER of USAID organized a Gala Business Dinner, which was an initiative of the Economic Diaspora Forum of Albania, where also attended the delegation of the Economic Chamber North-West Macedonia, headed by the President, Mr. Nebi Hoxha.

Part of this forum were around 300 businesses and potential investors from Diaspora, as well as many businesses from Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, and around 100 businesses from Kosovo.

This forum offers a unique opportunity for connecting the businesses from Kosovo with the ones form Albanian Diaspora. Through these strategic meetings between domestic businesses with those from Diaspora will be created new contacts and possible agreements for export.

The Albanian Diaspora Network operates in 25 states of the world has hundreds of Albanian businessmen members that run businesses in different countries of the world.

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