ECNWM organized a forum on regulations in the construction sector

ECNWM organized a forum on regulations in the construction sector

14 November 2017 – Economic Chamber of North – West Macedonia in the framework of the project Partnership for a better business regulation, today organized a forum on: “Regulations in the field of spatial planning, construction land and construction work” emphasizing the challenges faced by construction companies in the country. This is the seventh forum organized by this project, which aims to foster discussions between business community and public institutions on common legal issues.

Edward Gonzalez, Director of the Office for General Development, USAID Macedonia, during the panel commented, “The construction industry is a key sector in the economy, which plays an important role in increasing employment and overall GDP. However, construction companies face challenges that neglect the process of obtaining the necessary certificates and working permits, which delay their daily activities and result in increased costs. It is essential that all relevant stakeholders to be involved in developing effective solutions that address regulatory issues. Today’s discussion is a step in that direction.

The President of Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia emphasized the importance of the construction sector, saying that “The construction sector continues to be one of the main pillars of the Macedonian economy, despite all challenges, this sector has continued to expand even during the period of economic and political crisis in the country. Construction continues to be the largest employer in the private sector, however the lack of information, has resulted in non enforcement of legal requirements in this sector. Therefore, ECNWM through this project builds constructive dialogue with the competent institutions in order to improve the regulation.

The Minister of Transport and Communications, Goran Sugarevski stated: “In the forthcoming period, a detailed analysis of the legal provisions governing the construction sector is planned in order to identify the directions on which the reforms will be conducted in more effective way in the construction field. The Ministry is ready for transparent cooperation with chambers of commerce that are representative of businesses in the country aiming to create functional rules that will help companies to be more harmonized. For the moment, the ministry has analyzed in which laws it is necessary to intervene, but we hope this event will be a good opportunity to provide additional suggestions for improvement. ”

Director of the project Ljubomir Dimovski emphasized concrete findings from the analysis that the project implemented in the past period: “In the past period, as part of project activities, two analyzes were conducted that clearly show the need to improve these connections. The latest survey conducted in September suggests that more than 73% of surveyed companies think they have not been consulted in the process of adopting legislation. Such results do not contribute in building a better business environment, where legal solutions should be developed based on appropriate analysis, as well as the experiences and opinions of all actors. ”

The event brought together experts of construction field, who presented some of the concerns facing the construction industry. Particular emphasis has been placed on the provisions of the Law on Spatial and Urban Planning, as well as the harmonization of urban plans detailed with the Urban Plan, a topic that has raised considerable attention at national level in recent years.

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