ECNWM announced the 100 best Albanian companies

ECNWM announced the 100 best Albanian companies

30 November 2017 – The Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia today announced the most successful Albanian companies in Macedonia. This project is organized for the seventh time and selects the most powerful companies that have achieved success over the last four years, based on four main categories, such as: total annual turnover, net profit, number of employees and investments.

The Executive Director of ECNWM presented the annual turnover of companies in the last five years and pointed out an increase of 35.77%, whereas when it comes to net profit, even though there is an increase of 41.4% since 2012, as the most successful year can be considered 2016 with a profit of 43 million euro. With a total of 5,256 employees in the companies that make up TOP 100 until the end of the year 2016 there is an increase of 31.73% compared to the last 5 years.

The President of ECNWM, Nebi Hoxha, congratulated the companies for their successes and emphasized the need for supporting the companies. He said the country’s economy faced a difficult time due to the political crisis where companies were mostly affected, therefore it time for the government to focus on turning the economy into its main agenda.

“We need a new approach for the needs and demands of the business community in order to achieve sustainable economic development, to rebuild the infrastructure of Macedonia, to protect intellectual property, to revitalize capital markets as well as to protect the law, tax, education and law reform”- stated the President of ECNWM, Nebi Hoxha.

Zoran Zaev the Prime Minister of Republic of Macedonia said that the government is open to dialogue with businesses and that businessmen can consider it as a dignified partner and service that will serve them. As part of social responsibility, companies need to consider legal work with a different payment of all obligations to the state, while government policies should focus and come out of the ongoing open dialogue with the business community to create conditions for further growth and development.

“Companies should engage in honest payments for all obligations to the state, while governance policies should be focused and emerging from open dialogue with the business community in order to create conditions for further growth and development” – said the Prime Minister, Zoran Zaev.

The company that this year received the first prize for the successes achieved last year and was declared the most successful company for 2016 is KIPPER.

As the second most successful company was announced DAUTI KOMERC and on the third place was NEPTUN company. The company BAS TUTI FRUTI this year was the fourth most successful company in Macedonia, and the fifth prize was taken by ALMA M from Skopje.

This year, the Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia during the event awarded also in three new categories: for the fastest growing company GEGA from Struga, the most liquid company SBV KOMPANI from Skopje and the largest investment company ERJONI from Tetovo.

ECNWM intends to further promote these companies in the domestic and international market as potential investment companies, as new links in the domestic, regional and international trade, companies that are able to create new jobs, companies with corporate responsibility, companies that have an impact on the country’s economic and social development.

The event was attended by the President of the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia, Talat Xhaferi, Prime Minister Koco Angjushev, Economy Minister Kreshnik Bekteshi, Environment and Spatial Planning Minister Sadulla Duraki, political party leaders Ali Ahmeti and Bilall Kasami, representatives of state institutions and businesses, and others.

General Sponsor of the Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia and TOP manifestation is UNIQA, QUANTUM Company, Golden Sponsor Makedonski Telekom AD, Silver Sponsor Eurosig Insurance Company, EVN and Kipper Market, and Bronze Sponsor Halk Bank, Stopanska Banka, Operator VIP ONE and the company Likuki Home – Pellagonka.

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