ECNWM businesses in meeting with LR-DPA

ECNWM businesses in meeting with LR-DPA

05 Aprl 2016 – Economic Chamber of North – West Macedonia (ECNWM) continues with intensive consultations with the political parties about their economic platforms. The consultation focuses on the issues of the economic development and finances, which present sectors aimed to enable the adequate business development in Macedonia.

Today, a meeting between representatives of the Economic Chamber of North – West Macedonia and the LR-DPA was held.

Our economy in general and our businesses in particular are faced with numerous challenges. None of the different segments of the society can respond them adequately at individual level. Thus, the ECNWM, as a relevant actor in the field of economic development and the improvement of the business climate, is trying to articulate jointly the concerns of the business community and to approach them with long-term solutions.

“The key principles that each political party should have in the economic program are: transparency, reduction of the inequality in terms of regional development, getting rid of the myth of the cheap labor force, building new measures to increase employment and establish economic platforms for sustainable economic development and GDP growth of over 4%” – said the president of ECNWM, Mr. Nebi Hoxha.

Over the past 10 years, we, as Economic Chamber of North-West, have noticed that the economic programs of the coalition government are consistently emphasizing almost the equal measures, while the effects remain weak. For these reasons, we underline the importance of the political parties to design and implement measures on the key issues faced by the business community.

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