Training for quality and safety of food products

Training for quality and safety of food products

29 Mars 2016 –  29 March 2016 – Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia in cooperation with Zonel Software, which deals with programs for accounting, materials’ and commercial’s work and Konstant, which offers services such as management consulting, training, translation and interpretation, today conducted a training for companies that deal with food products.

Methods of food preservation and freezing, which are crucial for the quality and safety of food products, were presented in front of the member companies. Participants were informed about AMBIO system – a system that serves to monitor and control the relative humidity and temperature, respectively some tips on how to do effective protection of perishable products during storage and food experimentations were delivered. Moreover, participants had the opportunity to gain knowledge about the German Certificate for Quality of Small Food Producers, as a prerequisite for market success.

This training evoked the curiosity of the participants, who through questions and comments based on the experience of the company that they represented, were included on several occasions.

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